nova benny from Friedman’s Lunch.

this restaurant was in some list of the top GF places in NYC, and I made a mental note to try it.  as luck would have it, a friend and I wanted to have brunch and we needed to be in Chelsea.  perfect!

almost their entire menu can be made gluten free, including their pancakes, fried green tomatoes, french fries and sandwiches.  fried green tomatoes!  (I didn’t have any, but I was GLAD I COULD!)

I go to brunch a lot, and I’m usually stuck with omelettes or scrambled eggs which is generally fine, okay, whatever, but I’ve stared longingly at my friends’ pancakes and eggs benedict across the table.  just at LITTLE variety.

so this place was like the answer to a prayer.  it was delicious and I nearly fainted from all the choice.  I’m not used to having OPTIONS!!!